I have been fascinated with languages since I started to learn Classical Arabic. I mastered the rules pretty quickly… learning the traditional Muslim way – Intensively. Recently I have started to fill the gaps learning vocabulary of Modern Standard Arabic.  Arabic has a well defined grammar – its grammar elements are marked unlike English. My philosophy is if you have learned grammar of at least one language properly it is easier to acquire grammar of another language.

Everyone has a different method, style, motivation, speed and etc for learning – whatever works! There are many methods out there. My approach is intensive grammar learning – then concentrate on reading, vocabulary, culture and speaking.

I am also interested in exploring use of Technology in language learning. Current tools include: A PC, Internet, This Blog, iPod Touch and the Kindle.

Languages I intend to learn:

[High Interest & Priority]

(0) Continue with MSA.

(1) I really want to learn Persian – I love the country, the people, the language, the food, the arts, typography, poetry and culture in general.

(2) I am native speaker of Urdu so also I wish to learn Hindi too. As it share many grammar elements with Urdu – I should pick it up quickly.

(5) I live in England, UK. I also really want to learn at least one European language, likely Spanish.

(6) I really want to learn Hebrew – a fellow Semitic language to Arabic.

[Low Interest & Priority]

(3) Bengali.

(4) Pashto.

(5) Chinese.

(6) A near dead language.

I will attempt to learn at least two of these simultaneously.



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